How to book your conversation?

Step 1 – top up your account

Conversations on are payable. In order to book a conversation you need to register. After logging in top up your account using the chosen payment system (PayPal, Dotpay) in Top up tab. Once we receive the payment your account will be topped up and you will be able to book conversations.
The payment system is safe and in accordance with the newest standards.

Step 2 – finding right time

Find the most suitable time using the Conversation searcher.

You can also search for teachers by clicking on Teacher tab. Browse their profiles to see the available conversation times.

Each searcher has a filter that helps to limit the number of matches and best serve your needs.

Step 3 – choosing time

After choosing you conversation submit a reservation request. The payment will be blocked until the conversation ends. The teacher will receive the payment only if the conversation ends as scheduled.

Step 4 – conversation status

You can track the status of your reservations by clicking on the received/sent section. Remember that the teacher has a limited time to reply to your message. When it expires, your reservation will be automatically declined and the funds will return to your account.

All changes will be available on your Board and under the Notification tab. Additional information will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

Step 5 – awaiting conversation

Once your reservation is confirmed it will appear in Pending Conversation tab. You will additionally receive an email about the upcoming lesson. At the time scheduled log in to your account and wait for the transmission link.

Step 6 – conversation

To start the conversation with the teacher click CONNECT button and IMPORTANT! remember to allow the browser to access your microphone and camera.
Apart from using audio and video you can also use chat were you can instantly receive new tests and tasks. Remember that at any time of the conversation you can submit a complaint by clicking submit a complaint link. If it happens the conversation will be terminated and you will receive a message information in the email. The payment will be suspended until clarification.

Step 7 – make a comment

After the conversation you will be asked to make a comment and evaluate your conversation partner. does not display full last names nor any contact information.

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