Fees and charges

Individual teachers:
LingSpot.tv charges commissions for the conversations. Commission is deducted from the agreed price of the conversation.

Table of commissions:

Conversation price Commission
Below 50 PLN 5 PLN
Over 50 PLN 5 PLN + 15% from the amount exceeding 50 PLN

Subscription for teachers:
Monthly subscription for conducting conversations without commissions is 60 PLN for 15 conversations or 100 PLN for 30 conversations. After exceeding the limit, standard fees in accordance with the above table applies. If you are interested, please contact: kontakt@lingspot.tv.

Subscription for language schools:
Subscription allows each school the unlimited access to LingSpot.tv for several teachers at once. The promotional price of subscription is 400 PLN per month for the first 3 months. If you are interested, please contact kontakt@lingspot.tv.

Transaction fee:
LingSpot.tv charges transaction fee for the payment service provider amounting to 2.9 % of the top-up value. The fee is added to the value of the payment and visible for the user before making the transfer or credit card payment. If you top-up your account using PayPal an additional fee of 0.80 PLN is added to your transaction. There is also a 2.9% transaction fee for cash withdrawals.

LingSpot.tv shall not be responsible for additional fees for currency conversion applied by the user's bank.

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