LingSpot.tv is a project designed to help you develop your communicating skills. The majority of studies confirm that regular conversations are best and quickest way to learn foreign languages. Staying in touch with language is also important for those who already mastered a more advanced level. Not many of us have time and money for systematic studies. To meet these expectations we have created an online portal where everyone can quickly book and start a conversation. All that without leaving your home. LingSpot help you save both time and money.
In order to register on LingSpot.tv please complete the registration form located below the Sign in button. You will be asked to provide your basic information. In order to register you need to accept Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. After confirming the registration you will receive an activation link sent to your email address. Follow the activation link. Once you click on the link your account becomes active.
If you haven’t received your activation link please check your junk folder. If it is not there, please try to register again. It might have been caused by the misspelled email address. If you cannot register again and you receive a message that the email is already in use, please let us know. Please write ‘Activation’ in the subject line of your email. The message should include your email address and your password.
If you schedule a lesson earlier that 48 hours prior to your conversation, the teacher has 24 hours to reply. If the class falls within 48 hours from booking, teacher has ½ of the remaining time to reply ex. reservation made 5 hours before its time -> teacher has 2,5 h to reply; reservation made 50 min prior its start -> teacher has 25 min to reply.
After making a reservation the student receives an email showing the expiration date and time. Teacher receives a reservation email and information when it expires.
Yes, you cancel your conversations no later than 6 hours before its start by clicking on the link in Pending Conversations. The user will be notified by mail. Try to carefully book and confirm your conversations. High number of cancellation will result in blocking the account.
Yes, you can submit a complaint during your conversation by using the complaint form located below each conversation window. Remember that you Carnot submit a complaint after the end of the conversation. The funds will be transferred to teacher’s account.
Student can submit 3 conversations per month. If the teacher receives three complaints within one month the account will be blocked until clarification.
All the teachers have been verified by us. They have been either recruited by our Team or applied via website. How to become a teacher? These are the people with various teaching experience. Using the Teacher browser you can check their profiles to learn more about their education, experience and teaching level. We care for the quality of the conversations. If you believe that the teacher does not meet your expectations you can submit a complaint. We will review it to clarify your doubts.
Edit your profile
Complete your Edit your profile tab. Say something about yourself, add languages and choose your language level.
Some of the fields are mandatory only for those who would like to become teachers. Currency of the conversations, depends on the currency chosen on the top of the website.

Notification settings
You can decide on whether or not to receive notifications via email by editing your preferences in Notifications settings tab.

Payout preferences
User completes this tab to configure the account and provide the bank account number. Using this tab user can request a Cash withdrawal.

Transaction history
Presentation of transactions on user’s account. Shows the amounts spent on the conversations and the payments made to top up the account.
To learn more about the fees and commissions we encourage you to read the current fee and commissions table available on our website.
You can payout your funds by choosing Payout Preferences tab. Choose the appropriate amount and request the payment. Payouts are made within two business days from submitting the request.
To change your password click on the password change tab. If you don’t remember your password you need to use the reset link located below the login field.
If you would like to change the address used to create the account, please contact us directly by writing to the address provided in the Contact information. Please include email change in the subject line and your login with the old and new addresses in the body of your message.

After a positive verification of a Teacher's application by our team, in "My Conversations" section two new bookmarks will appear: "Calendar" and "Manage your conversations".

In "Calendar" bookmark you should set available dates by choosing particular date and specifying conditions of the conversation. To mark several days at once keep CTRL button pressed while marking particular dates or a time range in a calendar. Mac computer users should use CMD button.

Recommended: To set conversations over a longer period of time use "set recurring dates" module located underneath the calendar. It is important to remember to set the module on "on".

From the moment when the new date is added, you can expect booking queries. Remember that editing particular conversation times takes place through clicking the pencil icon on the calendar or the bookmark "Manage your conversations".

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