How to learn and earn with

Recommend to your friends and earn as much as 200 PLN.

What to do ?

Step 1. Register

To participate in the campaign, you must register on That way, we will be able to know that the people you recommended have been informed about the service by you directly.

Step 2. Recommend to your friends

After logging into your account, you will be allowed to send the invitations to your friends via a special module. Every person who registers upon your recommendation, will receive 20 PLN from us.


Step 3. Collect your fee…up to 200 PLN !

In order for you to collect the fee, your friends must register on It is also important for us that they should actively use the services we offer. After they have four conversations, a relevant amount will be credited at your account.



Step 4. Learn foreign languages is a tool with which people learn a foreign language on private 1-to-1 classes with an experienced tutor. The classes are held online. The tutor devotes 100 per cent of their attention to the student. Learning in this way is very intensive and brings quick effects. The statistics prove the high effectiveness of this form of teaching. Learning, we remember as much as 70% of what we say and as much as 50% of what we see and hear !

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